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How to Remove Your Ex From Your Deed

February 14, 2020
  By Daniel Stoner

When you’re going through a breakup, legal documents are often the last thing you want to deal with. The emotional upheaval and logistics of a separation typically take priority over all other details, but it is crucial for separating couples to protect their property rights during a breakup. Whether you were legally married or not,…

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The DNA of your Business: Corporate Bylaws

July 23, 2015
  By Daniel H. Stoner, Esq.

This article is the third part of a three part series regarding business agreements. The topics covered in this series are Partnership Agreements, Operating Agreements and Corporate Bylaws. This Article deals with Corporate Bylaws. Corporation Bylaws exist whenever a corporate entity is formed. Like Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships, Corporations can be chartered in…

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The Importance of Having Well-Written Contracts

May 27, 2014
  By Daniel H. Stoner, Esq.

Contracts are the life blood of most businesses. They define important relationships such as those with your customers, employees, landlords and contractors. Yet so many businesses go about their day to day operations relying on contracts which are poorly written, or even non-existent. One such reason is because business owners (rightly so) do not see…

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