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Starting a business is much more than simply filling out a form and registering with the state. Choosing the wrong type of business entity, tax status or neglecting the importance of by-laws and operating agreements can have serious consequences for your business, which can impact its ability to survive. Every business is unique, and at Stoner Law Offices we help you start your business the right way by creating a business structure and plan that is reflective of your goals, your vision and your values. Don’t sell yourself short by using fly by night mail order documents to start your business. Stoner Law Offices offers a diverse array of business startup packages at flat fees, which not only include the paper work to get you started, but also the contracts, leases, operating agreements, general counsel and advice that will make sure your business is starting on the right foot. We take your business seriously and so should you.

We help our clients start their business the right way by offering a variety of services directed towards business formation:

Legal Entity Creation

When forming a business or non-profit, you must choose which kind of legal entity you want it to take. Every type of legal entity has its own unique characteristics, which can have long lasting consequences. Entrepreneurs often ignore these differences and find out down the road that the legal entity they have chosen has adverse tax consequences or impedes on their ability to run their business the way they want to. People looking to start a non-profit can also find themselves unable to attain the proper tax status if they choose the wrong type of legal entity.  The business attorneys at Stoner Law Offices will help counsel you as to the type of entity that is best suited for your goals and values and ensure that your registration with the state occurs smoothly so that you can focus on making your business strong, instead of having to worry about the labyrinth of laws and regulations involved in business formation.

By-Laws and Operating Agreements

Every business or non-profit should have by-laws or operating agreements in place that dictates the manner in which business will be conducted. Failing to do so can leave ambiguity in a business that can cause enormous problems. The biggest mistake a business owner can make is to assume that by-laws and operating agreements can be ignored or gotten “on the cheap” from generic websites. For non-profits, poorly drafted by-laws can invalidate their tax status and bring the entire organization and its plans to a halt. Failing to have well drafted by-laws and operating agreements can be fatal to your business or non-profit. The attorneys at Stoner Law Offices can help you create by-laws and operating agreements that will make sure that your organization can function in a way that works for you.

Contract Standardization

Contracts are the life blood of a business. Failing to have written contracts in place, or having poorly drafted generic web-order contracts can create enormous problems that can plague a company for years, even long after the transaction has taken place. Stoner Law Offices offers contract drafting services to make sure that your contracts are written correctly and protect your interest. Contract standardization is also offered in our start-up packages.

Buy/Sell Agreements

A Buy/Sell Agreement is often known as a “Will for businesses” which determines what will happen in the event that you or your business partners prematurely passes away, or experiences an adverse future event such as divorce or bankruptcy. If no Agreement is in place, the death of a partner can be fatal to a business.  Having a Buy/Sell Agreement in place can also make it easier for a business to obtain financing from both lenders and investors.  Stoner Law Offices offers affordable services to businesses to help ensure that your business is not taken by surprise by unexpected future events.

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Attorney Daniel Stoner is just what my small business needed. Dan took care of all legal aspects for starting a new business. He is professional and I am very pleased with his work. I have spent less time dealing with paperwork and more time pursuing new clients for my business. I recommend Dan!

- M.W.

Attorney Stoner worked closely me to set up my LLC in Pittsburgh. He was very knowledgeable, informative and efficient. I would highly recommend Attorney Stoner to anyone owns a small business or wants to start up their own business.

- O.B.

Mr. Stoner was very helpful to me in preparation of my will. He took the time to answer all my questions, and explained all information to me in terms I could understand.

- K.D.

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