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Pittsburgh Construction Lawyer

Construction law is a wide ranging discipline that covers all laws dealing with the construction or renovation of property. From local regulations to federal laws and mandates, these statutes affect a variety of individuals and businesses. Not only do construction laws encompass permits, zoning, materials, height restrictions, etc., they also play a huge role in ensuring the safety of construction workers. In this article, we will discuss the duties of a constructions lawyer as well as who can benefit from their services the most.

What does a Construction Lawyer do?

A construction lawyer does quite a bit to help construction companies, homeowners, real estate agents, contractors, and construction workers. Below, we have provided a list of instances that a construction attorney’s knowledge and expertise are valuable.

  • OSHA Laws: Contractors that employ skilled and unskilled labor on the jobsite are subject to federal OSHA laws. These laws serve as a safety guide for employers as well as a form of protection for construction workers.
  • Contract Drafting and Negotiations: A construction lawyer will ensure that all contracts signed are in their clients best interest as well as within the legal guidelines of local, state, and federal construction laws.
  • Workers Compensation: There are varying laws concerning workers compensation that require the experience and ability of a construction attorney.
  • Tort Laws: When people or businesses have suffered physically, financially, or mentally due to the negligence or unlawful acts of another. This can happen often in the construction industry.
  • Legal Representation: Overall, construction law deals with many other areas of law. A construction lawyer provides you with knowledge of most all areas.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. We have provided you with some of the more popular reasons for needing the guidance of a construction lawyer. If you are in doubt, do not hesitate to contact a professional Construction Attorney in Pittsburgh.

Who needs a Construction Attorney?

As you learned in the previous section, Pittsburgh construction law covers a variety of topics that are equally important. There are many types of people and companies that can use the expertise of a Construction Attorney. Some of those people include:

  • Contractors and Construction Companies
  • Home Buyers and Sellers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Skilled and unskilled labor working on the construction site
  • Homeowners renovating their homes or any structure

If you are planning to build a structure that will house individuals or animals for any amount of time, it is recommended that you consult with a Construction Attorney. There are many regulations, guidelines, ordinances, etc. that must be adhered to when undertaking such projects.

Contractor Disputes and Construction Litigation

Most parties would prefer to handle disputes in a way that avoids the time-consuming and resource-intensive legal process, there are instances where this cannot be avoided. Construction litigation can involve many parties, including property owners, developers, investors, construction companies, and contractors. They may have varying claims, like non-compliance with the contract, disagreements about responsibilities within the contract, and many other contract and construction related issues. Contractor disputes are also common. They can occur during home renovations, new property construction, remodeling projects, et cetera. Some of the more common contractor disputes are ones that involve payment disputes, project delays, unapproved changes, damages to ancillary property during construction, as well as overall performance disputes.

Should All Contractors Have a Construction Lawyer?

It is certainly advisable for a contractor to have a relationship with a reputable construction lawyer in Pittsburgh. Anytime that there are contracts involved, as well as ironclad construction laws, having an attorney is advisable. Not only will a construction lawyer protect you from potentially bad contracts, they can instrumental in protecting your company from potential litigation or criminal offenses that can arise from not having a complete understanding of construction law.

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