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A quiet title action is designed to establish ownership of a parcel of land. The action works to “quiet” any challenges and claims to the title by others. These actions are necessary in situations where real estate has changed hands and there is no clear and easy way to establish who actually holds title to the residential or commercial property at hand. Quiet title actions may also be necessary in situations where there were previously liens or easements on the property that have since lapsed. Even though they have lapsed, the liens and easements must still be removed from the title to clear it. Contrarily, someone currently enjoying the benefit of an easement may bring an action to make the easement part of the property’s title.

Who Would Need a Quiet Title Attorney in Pittsburgh?

To better understand a quiet title, you should know who might need one. In all of these situations, the property owner can benefit from obtaining a quiet title.


The Property Boundary Line is Unknown

If a property owner is unsure of their property’s boundaries, they should consider getting a quiet title. A lack of boundaries could be caused by an incomplete land survey, a lack of land survey, or a property dispute. 

There is an Easement on the Property

When a property has an easement, things become complicated. A shared driveway or other easement could make people question who owns the property. When the time comes to sell the property, the shared driveway may become a point of contention.

Lienholders Have Claims on the Property

A lien on your property is often cause for a quiet title lawsuit. For instance, the city could have a lien on your property for unpaid taxes. 

Heirs Are Claiming Ownership

After the death of a homeowner, the property could be sold in an estate sale. But sometimes, the heirs to the property argue that they never gave their permission to sell the property. Because the average home price in the city of Pittsburgh has increased to $182,748 in 2017, family members may be eager to make a profit. In this case, one of the best ways to establish a clean title is to file a quiet title lawsuit. 

Errors are on the Deed

Everyone makes mistakes. If there’s a mistake with your deed, you could file a quiet title lawsuit. Then, the errors will be resolved and you can have a clean title.

If you are unsure whether or not you would benefit from a quiet title action, you should contact an attorney. They will explain more about the process and how it could help you. 

About the Process

The quiet title process is done to establish a clear owner of the property. If there are any defects or disputes, the action aims to resolve them. 

In most cases, the lawsuit is a preventative action. There does not need to be a dispute for someone to decide to initiate the process. Usually, a property owner seeks the help of a quiet title attorney in Pittsburgh in the hopes of preventing someone else from claiming ownership of their property. 

To start the process, the property owner must file an action in court. Then, the defendant is informed about the lawsuit and has a set period of time to respond. If they never respond, the plaintiff is likely to be awarded a clear title. 

The process varies depending on the specific details regarding the property. Typically, the process takes between eight and 10 weeks. However, certain factors could shorten or lengthen the process. If you want to learn more about the timeline for your case, contact an experienced lawyer.

The attorneys at Stoner Law Offices PLLC assist clients to obtain a judgment of title to a property and have it properly recorded with the county clerk in order to establish a valid chain of title. Contact us today at 412-515-0939 for your free consultation.

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