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Stoner Law Offices was started to provide individuals, businesses and non-profits with legal services that are centered around them.

We believe that everyone deserves to have a positive experience with their attorney. We also believe that far too many lawyers and law firms ignore the basic principles of client satisfaction. Having worked in both law firms and in-house at companies, we have spent a significant amount of time understanding the practice of law, however, we also spent a significant amount of time studying the needs of clients. People come to attorneys because they want sound advice, professional service and zealous advocacy, and by and large most practicing lawyers and firms do this. However, far too many attorneys fall short in the other aspects of client satisfaction.

We have seen these things occur on a regular basis and how they can hurt otherwise beneficial relationships between attorneys and clients. However, we believe that it does not have to be this way. I created Stoner Law Offices to not only provide the expert advice, services and advocacy that people need and expect of their attorneys, but also a strong devotion to the kind of client satisfaction that people deserve. When you come to Stoner Law Offices, we promise that you will have a client experience unique from other law firms in that we go out of our way to make sure that your experience is as beneficial as possible. This not only includes things like timely response to phone calls and emails, but also the extensive use of flat fee billing and unbundled services, on-site visits and innovative new service packages designed to make the lawyer/client experience more convenient to clients.

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Attorney Daniel Stoner is just what my small business needed. Dan took care of all legal aspects for starting a new business. He is professional and I am very pleased with his work. I have spent less time dealing with paperwork and more time pursuing new clients for my business. I recommend Dan!

- M.W.

Attorney Stoner worked closely me to set up my LLC in Pittsburgh. He was very knowledgeable, informative and efficient. I would highly recommend Attorney Stoner to anyone owns a small business or wants to start up their own business.

- O.B.

Mr. Stoner was very helpful to me in preparation of my will. He took the time to answer all my questions, and explained all information to me in terms I could understand.

- K.D.

“We’re Located in the Heart of Downtown Pittsburgh, PA”

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